Getting Income in Retirement—And Keeping It Out of IRS Reach

Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes
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Make your portfolio deliver a paycheck…
and don’t share it with the tax collector!

On Oct. 4 William Baldwin—an IRS Enrolled Agent for 38 years and the past editor of Forbes magazine—will present a free webcast, Getting Income in Retirement—and Keeping It Out of IRS Reach.

Drawing income from a portfolio has never been as challenging as it is today. Yields on government bonds are tiny. Stock dividends are half what they used to be. How do you draw a steady paycheck out of your portfolio without taking unacceptable risk? Just as important: How do you get a steady income without sacrificing it to inflation or to taxes?

This one-hour seminar will tell you how to do that.

Here are some of the strategies we will look at:

  • Getting guaranteed income inside your IRA and maximizing the tax deferral
  • Timing Roth IRA conversions to get the most out of low tax brackets
  • Rearranging your tax-deferred and taxable accounts to lower your tax bill
  • Using high-coupon Treasury bonds to control your cash flow
  • Creating a portfolio of stocks with a solid 4% yield
  • Drawing a tax-advantaged 6% yield from energy partnerships
  • Investing in tax-free bonds without getting caught by the next Puerto Rico

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William Baldwin graduated from Harvard in 1973 with a degree in linguistics and applied math. He has been a journalist for four decades, and was editor of Forbes magazine from 1999 to 2010. Tax law is a frequent subject in his articles. He has been an Enrolled Agent since 1979.