Oil, Gold and Stocks Can Go Much, Much Higher – How to Profit in Times of Change

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OPEC surprised the market when it made its first production cut in eight years last November. Now, this tighter supply is breathing new life into U.S. energy companies. In fact, two of the biggest and best oil traders in the world, along with a billionaire oil tycoon, are betting on $80 oil by next year…is this realistic? Actually, it may be a conservative estimate.

Meanwhile, while the Fed may be kicking up interest rates, Trump appears to be favoring a low–rate environment. Does this mean stocks are cheap in a low rate scenario? Maybe extremely cheap!

And how about gold? It’s today’s comeback kid—is it finally here to stay? If Trump’s reflation plan works, gold goes higher. If Trump’s plan doesn’t work, gold goes higher.

The best investors in the world are positioning themselves to maximize their profits from these big ongoing trends. How can you best take advantage?

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I started his career with Traval, a family office macro hedge fund that managed assets for a wealthy European family. I have worked in London and on Wall Street. I also consult as an expert in global currency strategy, and has run equity and economic research groups for a leading independent research company. I hold an MBA from Rollins College.